Suz & Joe will get married this October at The Mansion Inn in Rock City Falls, New York, and I am very excited to be their wedding photographer! After a quick Skype call, we agreed to have an engagement session with their lovely dog, Joy, and I started looking for some epic locations near their home in Massachusetts. Using Google Earth Pro (the best online scouting option), I found Halibut State Park just half an hour driving north to Boston. This park is an old quarry only a few hundred feet away from the Atlantic Ocean! Piles of rocks, boulders, a pond, unique flora - you can't find a better location for an engagement session! And the best of all is that dogs are allowed in the park. 

We began our sesh at the golden hour taking photos at the quarry and then decided to discover the place a bit more, so we went to the shore, where Suz, Joe, and Joy met the sunset and hanged out till the blue hour - my favorite time for portraits and more intimate photos. At that time, I let them sit and enjoy the moment. The real magic happens when I give my couples personal time and let them do whatever they want, and how they want it. The minute the sun went down to sink into the ocean, we witnessed an emersion of the full moon! What a beautiful day to have an engagement photo shoot! 


OF COURSE, Joy stole the show! Dogs always do that. You know how much I love dogs, I have a dog too. Naturally, I couldn't stop taking photos of her, and she gifted me with gorgeous smiles every the time I pointed my camera at her :)


Suz & Joe looked so wonderful, and the magic between them was so visible that I didn't even have to try taking nice photos of them. All I did that day was pressing the button and capturing those sweet moments. Oh man, I love this job!

I'm so looking forward to documenting their wedding day!