That's me trying to look raw and natural in front of a camera haha. It's not easy to feel comfortable and act naturally when someone points a camera at you; I get it!


That's why my approach is:

No strict and boring posing!

Only gentle hints and smooth directions that help you feel your most natural way. 

Born and raised in Lviv, Ukraine, in a family of doctors. From young years I knew that I don't want to be a doctor haha. In 2016 I moved to the US because of love. At that time my girlfriend, and now fiancee Tereza had an opportunity to come to study in New York and I, being an impulsive 18 y.o. madly in love with the girl, decided to go with her. Even though I didn't speak English. In spite of not having any relatives or friends in States. Crazy, right?

I guess I can say that I'm a romantic and very adventurous person. 


I enjoy reading adventure novels, watching The Simpsons and The Office, and I'm a fan of Guy Ritchie's movies. 


I'm fond of traveling.

So far I've visited more than 20 countries all over the world, and my goal is to visit a new country every year. 


When I can't go to another country, but my soul calls for adventures, I go hiking. 

In 2016, I tried backpacking for the first time in my life. Now I can't live without backpacking trips to the mountains.

The White Mountains are rad, but I can't wait to climb a few peaks in Colorado and Washington

(climbed Mt. Adams, Washington, in 2018).

My fiancee Tereza and I had started dating when we were 17 years old. When we were just shy of 19, we moved to the US from Ukraine. We've been together for 6 years now, and it's been the most wonderful years of my life.

And each year is better than the previous one. 

We have a Westie - his name is Aster, and two cats - Alex and Paka. Aster and Alex traveled with us from Ukraine to the US, and Paka is a rescued kitten that Tereza brought from Tanzania where she had a school summer program. She didn't dare to tell me about Paka until I saw them snuggling in JFK when Tereza came back from Tanzania. I post Insta stories with our pets almost every day. BTW, follow me on Instagram :)

Since my first wedding as a lead photographer in 2016, I've shot a few dozens of weddings, many engagement sessions and secret proposals, including a proposal in a helicopter hovering over Manhattan, many love story and family sessions and countless personal trips to the mountains and other countries. I enjoy photographing the beauty of a wedding day. It is truly surreal to see all your families and friends together in one place. I like to get to know people, hear their stories, and capture their real personalities in photos. Every single time I pick up my camera, I want to tell a visual story. That's why I love my job.  All the photographs you see on my website were real weddings and real sessions; these were real couples, who probably said that they were awkward in front of a camera at the first consultation with me. Who's not, right?! But we still managed (I say we because my couples put their time and energy towards the photo shoot as well, and I appreciate it a lot) to get the most natural, romantic, and fun photographs. Photos that are not only pretty but also meaningful to you!

That's all I wanted to say on this page as of today. Thank you for taking the time reading it! 

I don't really like to talk much about myself, so if you'd like to see what my couples say about working with me

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